What is My Purpose?

What is My Purpose - Sage Affect

What is my purpose?

Do you sometimes wonder what your purpose in life is? Who are you really? Why are you here, and what are you meant to contribute to life? Does your existence even make a difference? Is there any meaning to suffering and having to struggle through life on your own?  

In Western Australia, there is a pretty pink wildflower that flourishes in dry, sandy soil. This attractive flower, which brings life and colour to stark habitats where other plants fail to thrive, has another unique quality: The plant generally survives the many bush fires that are so prevalent in Western Australia. With every bush fire, the plant is helped out of dormancy and stimulated into prolific flowering.

Who am I ?

Many people, myself included, go through periods in life where we feel at a loss to understand who we are or what value we have to offer. We may be so focused on the desolate conditions surrounding us that we have become blind to our own beautiful characteristics and gifts.

Our lack of faith in ourselves impedes our growth, and we become immobilised by our fears.

What we may not realise is this:

In the same way the beautiful wildflower brings life to a desolate area; we may also be a symbol of hope when life appears bleak and dull to others.

What value do I offer?

Sometimes, it takes a few symbolic fires to awaken our senses and help us discover our own worth, unique qualities and true potential. Going through these metaphorical fires, which could even include things such as having a physical disability, may be very traumatic and painful to experience. However, more often than not, these very experiences are what make us stand tall and become a beacon of light to others.

To help you find the answer to the question: “What is my purpose” take a few moments to reflect on the following:

~ Look deep within yourself and focus on your unique characteristics and gifts.

~ Think of the many symbolic fires you have survived to date. Try to identify the many unique qualities these events have brought out in you.

~ You could even ask yourself this confronting yet effective existential question: “Why have I not yet killed myself?”

Remember to periodically take your gaze off your bleak surroundings and focus it on your inner qualities. Just like a beautiful wildflower, one of the many purposes you have in life is to stand tall and display your inner beauty!

Discover your Purpose

If these suggestions did not fully answer your question, please book a session with Laurinda to:

~ discover your purpose,
~ regain your power, and
~ overcome the obstacles that may prevent you from living your authentic self.

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