Biggera Waters - Home Office

4508 /25 East Quay Drive
Biggera Waters, QLD

T. 0425 738 894


When you arrive…

  1. ~ The best place to park is along Oxley Drive (direction of travel to Hope Island)
  2. ~ Go past Harbour Town and Dan Murphy’s, Biggera Waters.
  3. ~ As you cross the bridge, you will see the East Quays Apartments on your left.   
  4. ~ Park along the side of the road and make your way to the second entrance.
  5. ~ Follow the path around the building to the front gate.
  6. ~ You will find an intercom system on the right-hand side.
  7. ~ Press the number 4508, followed by the bell icon.
  8. ~ When I buzz you in, enter the first building on your left.  
  9. ~ Please have a seat on the bench in the foyer. I will meet you there.

If you experience any trouble, please give me a call on my mobile.

See you soon,

Laurinda Jones