Protecting My Child

Protecting My Child

A short poem inspired by the important work I do in helping children (including inner children) hold on to  the sparkle and magic of life.

The precious gift of witnessing the beauty.
The sweet aroma of a life in bloom,
like rays of light in a joyful dance.
Can you see the magic underneath it all?
The speck of wonder reflected in our eyes?

But the magic is fleeting …
absorbed by the shadows of the outside world.
A rat race with noisy traffic,
steep hills with dark corners
and dangers lurking nearby.

A dominating energy,
driven to snatch the magic away.
Those in grey suits and grey cars.
Stealing without any remorse!

Powerless. Feeling out of control.
Is this really our destiny?
Where we want to go?

I’m running up this hill.
Holding on for dear life.
Even though it takes so much effort,
I promise to never let go.
I will always protect you.
My Beautiful Innocent Child.

Please know that you do not have to be alone in your efforts to help protect your child, including your inner child. It helps to have someone to talk to. Book a therapy session with me today if you would like extra guidance on helping your (inner) child connect with the magic and sparkle of life. 

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