Tingle Forest Retreat (Theta)

Become entrained in the Theta state by listening to a guided meditation with relaxing sounds of birdsong near a gentle water stream.

MP3 download (headphones not included)
Recorded: Tingle Forest in Western Australia.
Duration: 33 minutes
Composer: Derick Mocke
Includes: Binaural Beats



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Theta State

While the Alpha brain wave state is ideal for relaxing the mind and body, the Theta state, which entrains your brain on a deeper level, has other advantages. It will continue to boost your creativity, concentration and enhance your level of relaxation. It will also cause a distinct reduction in stress. As your mind and body become entrained in the Theta state, you will find that your heartbeat and breathing pattern slows down considerably. It is then, when your mind and body are in this relaxed state, that natural healing occurs.

Binaural Beats

The meditation soundtrack begins with guided instructions that entrain your body and mind in an Alpha state, but as the voice fades away, you will hear a distinct binaural beat amongst a backdrop of nature sounds. This beat frequency alters the brain’s electrical patterns, and the brain becomes entrained in an Alpha state. When both sides of your brain begin to work together, you will experience more peace and happiness in your life. You will gain more clarity about everyday issues or significant problems that need a solution. You may also experience deep spiritual insights.

Unique Sound

As you listen carefully, you will hear some gentle tapping sounds amongst all the other sounds.  These sounds are very unique: they were composed by Mother Nature herself.

This unique idea came from Derick Mocke, a very talented musician, artist and scientist. Derick, who composed the music for these recordings, asked this question: “What would happen if we take nature sounds and convert them into music, using man-made instruments? Would it have a melody? If so, what would it sound like?

So Derick set to work, converting a recording of nature sounds into digital data. He then slowed down these sounds and transformed them into various musical instruments, such as a Glockenspiel, Marimba, Harp and Bells.

The result is simply outstanding! As stated by Derick:

“All I really did was supply the musical instruments. Mother Nature composed her own song.” 

So as you listen to Mother Nature’s song, allow yourself to relax. Do not feel guilty about taking time out of your day for YOU.  If you feel any form of guilt, your body will only become burdened with more tension. This will hinder your rest and restoration process.

So when you are ready, sit back, unwind and enjoy this experience.