Sage Healing Level 6 (Insight)


Join us on the final leg of our journey together where you will experience the gift of SATORI: a deep experience of seeing into your true nature.

Now that you have over 20 cards in your deck of Oracle Cards, it is time to reconnect with your Inner Sage.

This is a powerful conclusion of your Soul’s Quest. A time to create a Sacred Circle. A sacred gathering where you will connect all the scattered aspects of Self. Where you will sing new life into them. Where you will set them free.

In your sacred circle, you will consult your deck of oracle cards by asking any question of concern. You will receive an answer.

This wise answer will come from deep within. From the centre of your being. The place where you already hold all the answers.

You will realise that you are wise. This inner wisdom is not imagined nor created. It has been with you all along.

You will reconnect with Wise One within, the Inner Sage.

Are you ready to fly free?

By the end of this course, you will be flying free. Not only can you NOT go back to who you once believed you were, you wouldn’t want to. You will walk away with a new understanding, a deep inner knowing of who you really are in your body, mind and soul.

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♥ I’m ready to experience the gift of SATORI – a deep experience of seeing into my true nature.

♥ I’m ready to create a sacred circle and call on the wisdom of my Oracle Cards.

♥ I’m ready to reconnect with my Inner Sage.

♥ I’m ready to fly free!

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