Sage Healing Level 5 (Rebirth)


Join us on the next step of our journey where we will meet 3 Wounded Parts who will need to come on board before you can manifest your goal.

Now that you are more familiar with your Reactive Parts, it is time to meet some of the Wounded Parts they have been trying to protect.

Your Wounded Parts are young parts that have been sent into isolation because they struggle to deal with life. They are the parts, the negative beliefs who fear change. But change is necessary!

The hero within is at the precipice of a symbolic death. It needs to be willing to let the old self die. It needs to embrace the belief that you can manifest your dream. To do that, you need to heal these Wounded Parts.

There are three ways to bring these Wounded Parts to light. The first is to explore any trapped emotions you may experience physically, in your body.

The second is to expose a Wounded Part by exploring how you are triggered in social situations.

Then there is the direct path to the painful memory itself. This is where you get to cash in all those bonus points you have earned throughout this course for a private, one-on-one therapy session with Laurinda to the value of $160.

By the end of this level, your Inner Child will be flying free. Not only can you NOT go back to who you once believed you were, you wouldn’t want to. You will walk away with a new understanding, a deep inner knowing of who you really are in your body, mind and soul.

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♥ I’m ready to become a healer of my Soul by making six more cards to add to my personal deck of ORACLE CARDS.

♥ I’m ready to heal my Wounded Parts and set them free.

♥ I’m ready to change my negative beliefs so I can playfully turn my dream into reality.

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