Sage Healing Level 4 (Ordeal)


Join us on the next step of our journey where we will meet the 4 Reactive Parts who will try all sorts of tricks to prevent you from achieving your Soul’s Quest.

Now that you have successfully passed the test and have demonstrated that you have what it takes to face some of those Obstacles that may be preventing you from being your beautiful, brilliant self. There is no stopping you now!

In this level, you will become more familiar with your animal instincts, those Reactive Parts who will do anything in their power to protect you. You know them well: it is your Fight, Flight, Freeze and Fawn response.

Your goal will be to welcome these parts in and reassure them that you are listening by making a card for them.

You will also call on new animal companions, your Neters, to provide some wise counsel to your Reactive Parts. Their love and reassurance will help you restore the balance of your Reactive Parts so you feel more calm and in control of reaching your goal.

Next, you will take a closer look at your goal to see if its worth your time and effort. If it is, you will create an action plan to map out the steps you will need to take to achieve your goal.

To help you with that process, you will draw on the wisdom and expertise of a few role models who are successfully doing what you are dreaming of doing. You will then make one card to echo the collective voice of these inspirational people to add to your Fire Suit.

To conclude this level, you will learn the secret to true manifestation and how easy it is to share your Soul’s Gift with the world!

By the end of this level, you will know what it takes to hold on to your passion and power, and as you do so, every moment will feel like play. You will playfully create what you are called to do on a Soul Level. 

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♥ I’m ready to become a healer of my Soul by making five more cards to add to my personal deck of ORACLE CARDS.

♥ I’m ready to listen to my Reactive Parts and introduce them to the Neters who will restore the balance with their love and wisdom.

♥ I’m ready to create an Action Plan by drawing on the wisdom and expertise of two of my Community Members.

♥ I’m ready to learn the secret to true manifestation so I can playfully share my Soul’s Gift with the world.

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