Sage Healing Level 3 (Test)


Join us on the next step of our journey where we will see if we are ready to find the gold in our shadows so we can reach our goal.

Now that you have met the energy beings who will always be there to offer their support, strength, courage, and motivation, you are ready to begin the next level of your journey: The Test.

This part of the course is exactly as the name describes. It is a TEST to see if you are ready to face your Shadows: those parts of your psyche that belong to the turbulent Water Suit.

We begin this level by gathering healing resources to support you as you are about to face some of your shadows. The first card you will make belongs to the Fire Suit. This suit represents all those powerful earthly energies that offer us a haven of love, wisdom, safety, and protection.

Next, you will make a card for one of your biggest shadows, the Inner Critic and will discover how this part thinks its job is to protect you. We each have an Inner Critic, and, unfortunately, it only holds us back from achieving our Soul’s purpose. To bring your Inner Critic back into balance, you will meet another archetype, the Guardian. This powerful energy belongs to the Air Suit and will remind you to look past the Inner Critic into the truth of who you are at the core.

Following this, you will create a new card to represent your Soul Essence and the amazing Soul’s Gift you have to offer the world. It is like a coming home to Self, and as one participant shared: “It’s the centre of the oracle deck I believe.”

Next, you will create a Needs card to identify what your Soul needs from you to keep your passion alive. Finally, we will conclude this level with a clear vision and steadfast focus on a new, inspiring Goal that is perfectly aligned with your Soul’s purpose.

By the end of this level, you will have a fire in your belly and a strong, convincing belief that you have what it takes to face any shadow. There is no stopping you now! You are well on your way to aligning with what you are called to do on a Soul level.

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♥ I’m ready to become a healer of my Soul by making four more cards to add to my personal deck of ORACLE CARDS.

♥ I’m ready to gather healing resources that will offer me a haven of love, wisdom, safety and protection as I begin to face my shadows.

♥ I’m ready to discover my Soul’s Gift and Purpose!

♥ I’m ready to become unstoppable in my Soul’s Quest so I can share my unique gifts with the world.

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