Sage Healing Level 2 (Aid)


Join us on the next step of our journey where we will meet three helpers who will accompany you on your Soul’s Quest.

Now that you have heard and responded to the Call, the time has come to Enter the Threshold of your unconscious. To face your limiting beliefs and overcome all those challenges that are blocking your way to achieving your life’s goal.

Even though this may feel a little scary, relax, you are in good hands. You will meet 3 supernatural energy beings who will walk alongside you on this exciting yet challenging journey.

The first two belong to the Ether Suit. The cards represent Source and Consciousness and are always placed in the centre of all readings. They signifying the Oneness that unites all your diverse cards and beautiful facets of Self. We never read from these cards, for their message is clear and simple: ‘LOVE’. Unlike the other cards in your deck, these cards have NO shadow.

The third energy being belongs to the Earth Suit. It is a beautiful, embodied spirit energy that acts as a beacon of light, illuminating your path to help you see more clearly.

All three of these energy beings are part of your Soul and will give you strength, courage and motivation as you begin to explore the more vulnerable parts of your inner Self.

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♥ I’m ready to become a healer of my Soul by crossing the threshold of my unconscious to make three more cards for my personal deck of ORACLE CARDS.

♥ I’m ready to explore who my supernatural helpers are and how they will help me gain deep insight, reassurance & a boost in confidence.

♥ I’m ready to be moved by the wise guidance of my Soul.

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