Sage Healing Level 1 (Soul Quest)

Discover what you are being called to do!

Join us on the next step of our journey where we will set the scene of your Soul’s Quest.

You will begin your Quest by reflecting on your current situation and then making your first card for the turbulent Water Suit. This energy aspect of you has meaningful advice to share about your life. Are you ready to be blown away by its ancient wisdom?

Next, you will take a deep dive into the mystery of your subconscious mind and create your first card for the empowering Air Suit. This energy being is one of your archetypes and the one calling you to adventure. The one calling you to take action. In the end, you will be presented with a difficult choice … What will you decide?

Together, the sessions in Level 1 have the power to move you deeply. To instil in you a passion and hunger to go deeper into your journey of transformation.

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I’m ready to become a healer of my Soul by going deeper into this amazing, life-transforming process by making two more cards for my personal deck of ORACLE CARDS.

I’m ready to explore what my Soul Quest is and how this will help me to gain deep insight, reassurance & a boost in confidence.

I’m ready to be moved by the wise guidance of my Soul.

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