Devil’s Child

devil's child

Devil's Child

The following poem and artwork, Devil’s Child, is an example of how I used a combination of talk therapy, art therapy, play therapy and mindfulness to make peace with and accept all my quirky, unique parts.

I see something in the mirror, but I don’t know what it is.
What am I facing? Is it human, animal … perhaps a goat?
No, it’s the Devil’s Child, and it’s looking right back at me!
It’s time to gain some wisdom by taking a closer look at this very strange Devil’s Child.

From the depths of its innocent heart, I feel an aching crack appear.
Unconscious forces echo the hidden aspects within. Am I a disappointment? A thorn in your side?
Of course, I’m the Devil’s Child! This is your staunch impression of me.
It’s time to dig a bit deeper inside the true nature of the Devil’s Child.

Under the harsh authority of a social system born of prejudice and pride,
my sense of worth is gasping for air. This is the danger of a single story,
… of creating a scared, sad, and broken child!
It’s time to dive deep, deep, deep inside the heart of the sad and broken Devil’s Child.

I sense the beat of the earth’s rhythmic drum, ancient roots stretching deep within my core.
Nature. Beauty. Acceptance. Peace. One spirit. Connecting Soul to Soul.
Ahh! Who is this One looking back at me?
It’s time to tell the authentic story of the beautiful Devil’s Child.

I see someone in the mirror, and I now know who it is.
My eyes are wide open, I am looking deep within.
I see my core values, my sense of worth, of hope … This is me! FINALLY. Accepting me!
It’s time to take my rightful place in this world as the beautiful, caring, sensitive child.

Please know that you do not have to struggle to heal the broken aspects of yourself on your own. It helps to have someone to talk to. Book a therapy session with me today if you would like extra guidance on coping with self acceptance. 

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