Flat Rate

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Flat Rate

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Blank Cards

The ideal card set to get you started with making your own personal deck of cards.


Bostik Blu Stik

Bostik Blu Stik is the perfect glue for pasting your cutout images onto your cards.


Card-Making Starter Pack

Let’s set you up for success with this Card-Making Starter Pack.

Instead of buying each product separately, save 8% off the cost by purchasing this starter pack.



Micro Tip Scissors

Good scissors will make your card-making process more fun and satisfying.


Small Ruler 15cm

This handy ruler is great for smoothing down freshly glued images and removing paper crinkles.



SoulCollage®Card Frame

This SoulCollage® Card Frame is perfect for previewing images before cutting and pasting them onto your blank cards.


SoulCollage®Card Sleeves

SoulCollage® Card Sleeves will protect each of your beautifully crafted cards from being damaged by everyday use.