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Hello Beautiful You!

can you (or your child) relate to any of the following?

I'm scared

I feel threatened and/or I’m saddened by the loss of something that is of personal value to me. I don’t know what to do to feel safe and happy again. I need help!

I'm worried!

I’m worried about some aspect of my life (e.g. work, health, relationships, family situation, traumatic event, etc.). This constant worry makes me feel stressed and anxious.

I feel stuck!

Deep down, I know that something needs to change. But I don’t quite know WHAT or HOW.  Even though I want to better myself or my situation, I feel stuck. If only I had some guidance!

If you can relate to even 1 of the above, chances are you will greatly benefit from the playful therapeutic approach at SageAffect!


Have Fun!

Join the fun and experience the magic of art and/or play therapy.


Explore the different aspects of your Soul and unique Self.


Discover your worth, grow in confidence and learn how to trust your inner guidance.

5 ways Sage Affect will support you to make the magic happen

a message from the founder

Laurinda Jones
Laurinda JonesTrauma Informed Creative Play Therapist

Skilled at creating a calm, protective space where parents/caregivers and their children are supported through play and creative expression to consult the intuitive wisdom of their inner sage, so they can heal the scattered aspects of self and discover their soul’s unique worth. 

Hi, I’m Laurinda, a trauma-informed creative play therapist and founder of SageAffect.  I am honoured to have you visit here with me today!

If you are anything like me, you will agree that life does not always have to be so serious. There is enough doom and gloom in the world … therapy does not have to be the same!

As someone who experienced childhood trauma myself, I have always tried to escape my dark shadows by focusing on the beautiful and joyful aspects of life.

That is why I now love using creative play in my therapeutic work with women and children so they too can enjoy the beauty of life (even though some shadows may be lurking nearby).

Therapeutic play and creative forms of expression (painting, clay, music or dancing, etc.) are said to be one of the best healing methods for children or adults who have experienced trauma because they often struggle to access their feelings at a verbal level.

Unfortunately, therapy that is restricted to a verbal expression only, often cause a barrier to growth and healing. Because of this, I promise to always bring an element of play & wonder to my therapeutic work at SageAffect.

It will be my pleasure to work with you and your child using a combination of different holistic therapeutic techniques to bring healing to the Whole You:

BodyMind, and Spirit.

More About Me


Therapeutic Play

Expert, 15+years

Art Therapy

Expert, 5+years


Expert, 7+years


Expert, 10+years



There’s simply no reason to wait. You (or your child) have the ability to access the intuitive wisdom of your inner healer, you just need a little guidance in a safe environment to succeed. Take the leap and book your first SageAffect therapy session with Laurinda.  Just imagine how liberating it will be to confidently express your worth as a unique soul.

I am undecided

Not quite ready to commit to therapy yet? That’s okay. You can always stay in touch by connecting with me via social media, or sign up to my blog for FREE TIPS & ADVICE.

Yes! I'm Ready

Yes, I want to experience this gentle and playful approach to therapy, and I am ready to learn more and schedule my first session with Laurinda.

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I have unanswered questions and/or a specific request about individual therapy, workshops or private functions and would like to chat to Laurinda.

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