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trauma therapy for children (and parents)

A calm, protective space where children (and parents) who have experienced trauma, grief and loss, are supported through play and creative expression to discover their Sage, the wise healer within.

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Play Therapy

Expert, 25 years

Art Therapy

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Did you know ...

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” – Plato


I Can't Cope

As a parent, I often feel stressed and drained of energy. I long for a peaceful and harmonious family life that is free from mental overwhelm.

I'm not good enough

I am a nervous parent and constantly on edge.  All I want is to feel confident enough about my parenting skills to face my fears and move forward.


What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? What is the big picture anyway and will this give me the drive to keep going when things get tough.


I feel like a failure and a reject. Nobody likes me. What are my strengths, talents and capabilities and will this give me a deeper sense of self-worth?

I'm alone

As a child, I feel alone and overlooked. I have an innate longing to be loved and to love. How can I build secure relationships that are based on trust?


I felt threatened and/or I’m saddened by the loss of something of personal value. I don’t know how to cope with these intense feelings.

Your Therapist

Laurinda Jones
Laurinda JonesTrauma Informed Creative Play Therapist

Skilled at creating a calm, protective space where children (and parents) who have experienced trauma, grief and loss, are supported through play and creative expression to discover their Sage, the wise healer within. 

Hi, I’m Laurinda, a South African immigrant living on the Gold Coast, Australia.  I am honoured to have you visit here with me today!

As someone who experienced trauma back in South Africa, I know just how harsh a teacher it can be. Luckily, as evidenced by my grey hair, I have gained much wisdom in the process (wink). For the past 25 years, I have dedicated much time, sweat and tears to better understand the human psyche, but more importantly, trying to figure out who I am and my place in this world. Even though I achieved outstanding academic success and raised two beautiful children any parent would be proud of, it was only when I discovered the wise healer, the Sage within, that I began to feel whole again.

I often get asked these questions: “How do you always remain so calm?” “How do you know all of this?” “My child does (…). What should I do?”  Other than drawing on my experience as a teacher, counsellor, hypnotherapist, and creative play therapist, most people don’t know that I’m also interested in spirituality, going on long nature walks, climbing mountains, joining African drumming circles and being creative. These are the activities that feed my soul and keep me grounded.

As a registered trauma-informed play therapist, I see it as my life’s purpose to create a calm, protective space where children (and parents) who have experienced trauma, grief and loss are supported through play and creative expression to go on an inner journey of self-discovery to meet their Sage, the wise healer within. It will be my pleasure to work with you and your child using a combination of different holistic therapeutic techniques, to bring healing to the Whole You:

BodyMind, and Spirit.

More About Me

Service Type

In Person Therapy

In Person Therapy is offered on the Gold Coast. As you or your child engage in art or play therapy and talk about your life experience, I will listen with empathy and deep respect. As a trained holistic counsellor, I will then help you develop insight to bring about positive change.

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Online Therapy

If you are unable to meet in person, we can always book an online session via Zoom or FaceTime. I will let you know how to prepare for the session, such as setting up your room for art therapy. As a professional holistic counsellor, I will listen with compassion and deep respect and help you develop insight to bring about positive change.

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Workshops & Private Functions

If you are looking for inspiration by connecting with other like-minded people and discovering new things about yourself, then a workshop is the right fit for you. Explore our upcoming holistic counselling and art therapy workshops or contact me to book your own private function.

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Online Courses

online courses

Doing an online course is a great way to balance your personal development with your existing work/life commitments. Once you have enrolled, you will be able to access your chosen course at any time of the day or night.  Enjoy quality learning that fits your lifestyle. Anywhere! Anytime. Start your personal development course today!

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Yes, I want to experience this gentle and holistic approach to therapy and I am ready to schedule my first in-person or online session with Laurinda.

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